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The Beall Family

By Steven R. Butler, Ph.D.

Introduction | Ninian Beall | Ruth Beall

The Butler and Beall families are related by virtue of the marriage of a 4th great-grandfather on my mother's side of the family, Francis Jenkins, to Dorothea Henrietta Maria Orme, who was the daughter of Robert Orme and Priscilla Edmonston, who was the daughter of Archibald Edmonston and Jane Beall, who was the daughter of Ninian Beall, the Scotsman who was the progrenitor of this line in America.

Ninian Beall
(b. 1625 -- d. 1717)

Ninian Beall

The life of Colonel Ninian Beall, a founder of Georgetown, Maryland, is well recorded in this book, Colonel Ninian Beall and here is a book about his Colonial War Record.

Jane Beall
(b. 1685 -- d. 1745)

Jane Beall, reportedly the youngest daughter of Ninian Beall, married Archibald Edmonston in 1698 at Prince George's County, Maryland.


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