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The Grafton Family

William Grafton, Sr. | William Grafton, Jr.

By Steven R. Butler

I am related to the Grafton family by virtue of the marriage of my fifth great-grandfather Francis Jenkins [3] to Cassandra Grafton, who was the daughter of William Grafton, Jr., who was the son of William Grafton, Sr.


William Grafton, Sr. was born about 1685, although his birthplace, either England or America, is uncertain. The first known mention of him in any public record is dated 1723, when he was about 38 years of age. This suggests that he immigrated to the Colonies late in life and also, possibly, that he came to America as an indentured servant. This is entirely speculation on my part, however.

Grafton's wife was named Margaret. The date and place of their marriage is unknown. Together, they had

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