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The Murdock Family

Murdock Family
Elliot Murdock

By Steven R. Butler

I am related to the Murdock family by virtue of the marriage of my maternal grandfather William Ollie Jenkins to Ida Lee Seay, who was the daughter of Margaret Inez (Ward) Seay, who was the daughter of Mary Ann (Lowry) Ward, who was the daughter of Elizabeth B. (Murdock) Lowry, who was the daughter of Elliott Murdock and his wife Eliza or Elizabeth Shannon (Magill) Murdock.

The branch of the Murdock family from whom we are descended were probably "Scotch-Irish" Protestants of Scottish ancestry who originated in Ulster (Northern Ireland), coming to America very likely during the early 1700s.

NOTE: I formerly believed that Ellet or Elliot Murdock was the son of William Murdock and grandson of Hamilton Murdock of South Carolina (and Ulster). Unfortunately, I have no hard evidence to link them and other Murdock researchers have informed me that in the data they have found, there is no record of William Murdock, son of Hamilton Murdock, having a son named Ellet or Elliot. I have therefore removed the information previously posted here about Hamilton Murdock and William Murdock.

ELLIOTT MURDOCK (1790 - AFT. 1850)

According to the 1850 federal census, Elliott Murdock was born about 1790 in Georgia.

On December 6, 1821, in Greene County, Tennessee, he married twenty-one-year-old Eliza or Elizabeth Shannon Magill, a daughter of Samuel and Maggie Magill. They afterward settled in Walker County, Georgia.

Together, Elliott Murdock and his wife had the following named children: William H. Murdock, born September 26, 1822 (later married Mary McCrary); Elizabeth B. Murdock, born August 30, 1824 (later married Mark Lowry on September 17, 1845 in Walker County, Georgia, died January 30, 1862); Patsey Murdock, born February 10, 1827; John T. Murdock, born June 5, 1829; Carroll Murdock, born January 15, 1832; Mary A. Murdock, born June 14, 1832; Daniel J. Murdock, born March 11, 1837; Elliott Francis Murdock, born October 11, 1839; Thomas J. L. Murdock, born October 26, 1842; and Martha Murdock, born December 21, 1845. All, presumably, were born in Walker County, Georgia, with the possible exception of the older children, who may have been born in Tennessee.

Apart from the 1840 and 1850 census for Walker County, Georgia, we do not have any other information about Elliott Murdock. He probably died and was buried in Walker County, Georgia.


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