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Welcome to my family picture gallery. Just click on the links and pictures to display selected photographic portraits of the person(s) named. Women are listed under their maiden surname (unless included in a group portrait).

Please note that this page is evolving. I will be adding "new" portraits as time permits. Come back and visit again sometime.



Isaac Louis Babb [probably]

Isaac Louis Babb (probably). May have been taken in Anderson or Freestone County, Texas. Date uncertain; late 1800s. Babb was 2nd husband of Lucy Ann Stanley and father of Arthur Babb.

Arthur Babb A young Arthur Babb. May have been taken in Grayson County, Texas; probably late 1880s or early 1890s.
Arthur Babb A young Arthur Babb. Taken in Dallas, Texas, late nineteenth century.
Arthur Babb A young Arthur Babb. Date and place uncertain; possibly Dallas, Texas, late nineteenth century.
Arthur Babb A much older Arthur Babb. Photo may have been taken in Natchitoches, Louisiana, 1927-1928.
Tressa Babb Tressa Babb. Taken in Ennis, Texas, 1908. Daughter of Arthur Babb Sr.
Arthur Babb, Jr. Arthur Babb, Jr.. Taken in Dallas, Texas. Date uncertain; probably early 1920s. Son of Arthur Sr.
Ella Babb Heason Ella Babb Heason. Taken in Denison, Grayson County, Texas. Date uncertain; probably late 1800s or early 1900s. Daughter of Isaac L. Babb and wife Lucy Ann, sister of Arthur, wife of Charles Heason.

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Butler and Platt families, circa 1910

Group portrait of Mary Frances Butler, Andrew Butler, James Butler, Mable Butler Platt (daughter of James Butler), Mable's husband Alvin Platt and their son and daughter (and the family dog). Taken at Saratoga, Hardin County, Texas about 1910.

Wlliam O. Butler

William Oscar Butler (1856-1910), age about 45, son of Alfred and Mary F. Stanley Butler. Probably taken in Dallas, Texas, circa 1899-1900.

Herman H. Butler

Herman Hardin Butler (1880-1935), age 21, son of William O. and Virginia Alice Owen Butler. Probably taken in Dallas, Texas, circa 1901.

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T.W. and Louisa Jenkins

Thomas William Jenkins and wife Louisa. Probably taken at Paris, Lamar County, Texas, late nineteenth century.

Jenkins-Morrison family group

Group portrait, family of Thomas William Jenkins (1848-1911) and Louisa Williams Jenkins (1850-1914). Photo taken in Lamar County, Texas, about 1893. Back row, from left to right: Andrew Jenkins, William Newton Jenkins, Thomas Benjamin Jenkins, Janey Morrison, Emmerine Morrison (William Newton's future wife). Front row (seated), from left to right: Thomas William Jenkins, Pearlee Margaret "Maggie" Jenkins, Louisa I. Williams Jenkins, Zobedia "Beadie" Jenkins, Andrew Morrison holding son Christopher Columbus "Lum" Morrison, Emma Jenkins Morrison (Andrew's wife).

Jenkins family

Group photo, William Newton Jenkins, wife Celeste "Lestie" Uselton, and daughter Lillie Pearl Jenkins (by first wife), early 1900s, farm near Powderly, Lamar County, Texas.

Jenkins family group

Group photo, children and wife of William Newton Jenkins, about 1912, Powderly, Lamar County, Texas. From left to right: Isaac Newton Jenkins (1902 - 19??), William Ollie Jenkins (1903-1971), Lillie Pearl Jenkins (1901-1974), Celeste "Lestie" Uselton Jenkins (1889-1973?).

Jenkins family, Muskogee, Oklahoma, mid-1920s

Group photo William Ollie Jenkins (son of William Newton Jenkins) and wife Ida Lee Seay, with sons Lindell (being held by his mother) and Jack (being held by his father). Muskogee, Oklahoma, mid 1920s.

Lindell Ray Jenkins, 1943

Lindell Ray Jenkins (1925-2000), age 18, son of William Ollie and Ida Lee Seay Jenkins. Photo taken in October 1943 at U.S. Merchant Marine School, St. Petersburg, Florida.

William Ollie Jenkins, abt. 1962

William Ollie Jenkins (1902-1971), age about 60, son of William Newton Jenkins and Emmerine Morrison Jenkins. Photo probably taken early 1960s in either Dallas, Texas or Chicago, Illinois.

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The Morrison Family, circa 1900

Group portrait, family of Isaac Fisher Morrison (1840-1916) and Ada Ann Richardson Woodring Morrison (1845-1926), and some members of Jenkins family. Photo taken near community of Powderly in Lamar County, Texas, circa 1900. Standing, left to right: Lester or Ambrose Morrison, Mattie Jenkins, May Jenkins, Isaac Benton Morrison, his wife Lizzie Jenkins Morrison, Emmerine Morrison, and ?. Seated, left to right: Isaac F. Morrison, Lena Morrison, Major Sam Killingsworth (Janey Morrison's eldest son), Ada Ann Richardson Woodring Morrison (Isaac F.'s wife).

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Mathew A. Seay

Mathew A. Seay (1821-1911), date uncertain. Place: Probably Mt. Pleasant, Titus County, Texas.

Seay Sisters, 1921

Ida Lee Seay (1903-1934), age 18, with sisters. Ida is the one in the middle. Photo is supposed to have been taken on the day she was married to William Ollie Jenkins, July 20, 1921. Place: Blossom, Lamar County, Texas.

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Lucy Ann Stanley, age 70

Lucy Ann Stanley, age about 70, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Rose Stanley, sister of Mary F. Stanley Butler, wife of Madison Owen, wife of Isaac L. Babb. Taken about 1900 in Dallas, Texas.

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Mary Caroline Strahan West Tate

Mary Caroline Strahan (1831-1909), daughter of Neil and Anna M. Strahan, wife of William R. West, second wife of Harrison Tate, age 50? Taken in Columbia, Alabama about 1880.

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Judge Harrison Tate

Judge Harrison Tate (1816-1891), age 74? Probably taken in Columbia, Alabama about 1890.

Isaac H. Tate, abt. 1862

Isaac Henry Tate (1844-1932), son of Harrison Tate and Mariah Hill Tate, stepson of Mary Caroline Tate, age 17 or 18, in the uniform of a Confederate soldier. Tintype portrait taken 1862 or 1863, probably in Alabama or Georgia.

Henry Harrison Tate

Henry Harrison Tate (1877-1898), son of Isaac and Sarah Tate, age 20? Taken in Vernon, Texas.

Hettie Tate

Hettie Tate, daughter of Isaac and Sarah Tate. Date uncertain. Place: Probably Vernon, Wilbarger, County, Texas.

Mary Leona 'Mamie' Tate

Mary Leona "Mamie" Tate (1879-1954), daughter of Isaac and Sarah Tate, age about 30. Probably taken in Dallas, Texas about 1909.

Alice Tate Alice May Tate (1885-1972), daughter of Isaac and Sarah Tate and wife of Herman H. Butler, age about 20. Taken in Dallas, Texas about 1905.

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Sarah West Tate

Sarah Augusta West (1851-1928). Tintype portait, probably taken in Alabama, 1870s or 1880s.

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