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Linden, Cass County, Texas, April 4, 1989

On Tuesday, April 4, 1989, my elderly first cousin (1x removed), Marian Storey Wood, and I drove to Linden for the purpose of looking up Storey family land records in the Cass County courthouse. Marian drove us there in her station wagon. At the time, Marian was 81 years old and I was nearly 42. Although we had briefly been in contact by phone and/or mail in 1977, we did not actually meet in person until 1986, by which time Marian was widowed and living in a Grand Prairie, Texas retirement village. She later moved to a retirement home in Northeast Dallas. From 1989 to 1994, she was one of my closest and most frequent family history collaborators. After 1995, when Marian began to have trouble remembering things and went into a nursing home nearly thirty miles from my home, I never saw her again, although I believe we may have spoken on the phone a few times before her death in 1996.

Marian was the daughter of my grandfather Butler's oldest sister, Lucy Ozelle Butler, who married Clarence Devalket Storey. (Therefore, Marian and my father were first cousins.) Marian and I were not the only interested parties. During this period, Marian's daughter Loyce, was also wanting to know more about the Storey and Butler families.

We took no photos on the occasion of our visit to Cass County.

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