A Guide to the History of Dallas, Texas

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Biographies of Prominent Dallas Residents

Below are links to biographies of a representative sampling of celebrated Dallasites on the Texas State Historical Association's Handbook of Texas Online website. (More will be added as time permits.) If you would like to suggest an addition to this list, please send email to docbutler@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  1. Carl Brannin Journalist and Reformer
  2. John Neely Bryan Pioneer Founder of Dallas
  3. Nat Burford Lawyer and Judge
  4. Sara Callaway, a.k.a. "Pauline Periwinkle" Journalist
  5. John W. Carpenter Businessman and Rancher
  6. Cyde Gitner Chandler Sculptor
  7. Alexander Cockrell Merchant
  8. Sarah Horton Cockrell Merchant
  9. Juanita Craft Civil Rights Activist
  10. John M. Crockett Mayor and Lt. Governor
  11. Robert B. Cullum Businessman and Civic Leader
  12. George Dahl Architect
  13. George B. Dealey Newspaperman
  14. George Clifton Edwards Educator, Lawyer, Socialist, Reformer
  15. Henry Exall Businessman
  16. Royal A. Ferris Banker and Railroadman
  17. Warren Angus Ferris Pioneer Surveyor
  18. Thomas W. Field Real Estate Developer
  19. John Will Fritz Police Detective
  20. Alexander C. Garrett Churchman
  21. Henry "Dad" Garrett Inventor
  22. William Henry Gaston Banker and Civic Leader
  23. John J. Good Judge and Mayor
  24. Maxime Guillot Pioneer French Settler
  25. Stephen J. Hay Banker and Mayor
  1. F. P. Holland Publisher
  2. William H. Hord Founder of Oak Cliff
  3. Sarah T. Hughes Federal Judge
  4. Margo Jones Dramatist
  5. Edwin J. Kiest Newspaperman
  6. Justin F. Kimball Educator
  7. John F. Knott Cartoonist
  8. Tom Landry Football Coach
  9. James W. Latimer Newspaperman
  10. Mark Lemmon Architect
  11. Herbert Marcus Merchant
  12. Thomas Marsalis Another Oak Cliff Founder
  13. John C. McCoy Lawyer
  14. Eugene McDermott Scientist and Philanthropist
  15. Gordon McLendon Entertainment Businessman
  16. Katie Cabell Muse UDC Organizer
  17. Donald Nelson Architect
  18. Robert J. Onderdonk Artist
  19. William S. Peters Founder of Peters Colony
  20. Julien Reverchon Naturalist
  21. James Woodall Rodgers Civic Leader and Mayor
  22. Alex Sanger Merchant
  23. Julius Schepps Civic Leader
  24. John N. Simpson Cattleman and Businessman
  25. C. C. Slaughter Cattleman and Philanthropist
  1. Leslie Stemmons Businessman
  2. B. W. "Buckwheat" Stevenson Musician
  3. Allie Victoria Tennant Sculptor
  4. R. L. Thornton Banker and Mayor
  5. Lon Tinkle Journalist
  6. Edward Titche Merchant
  7. Olin H. Travis Artist
  8. Stevie Ray Vaughn Musician
  9. James K. Wilson Merchant
  10. Preston Witt Pioneer
  11. Frank Wozencraft Lawyer and Mayor

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