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My Legacies Articles

Since 1989, I have been a regular contributor to Legacies: A History Journal for Dallas and North Central Texas. Here are links to all my published articles.

Fall 1989

Read my article Honoring the Past: Confederate Monuments in Dallas
Spring 1992

Read my article Dallas Volunteers in the Mexican War
Fall 1999

Read my article Pioneer Personified: The Life and Times of Capt. Preston Witt
Fall 2002

Read my article From Water Supply to Urban Oasis, Part One
Spring 2003

Read my article From Water Supply to Urban Oasis, Part Two
Spring 2006

Read my article Reichenstein and Manley
Fall 2008
Read my article
Read my article George Clifton Edwards and the Progressive Impulse in Dallas
Spring 2010

Read my article Dad Garrett: The Wizard of Dallas, Texas
Fall 2011

Read my article A Tale of Two Artists
Includes 5 of my own photographs.
Fall 2012

Read my article Freethinkers: Religious Non-Conformity in Dallas, 1879-1904
Includes 1 of my own photographs.
Fall 2015

Read my article The Infidels of Denison
Fall 2018
Read my articles Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in North Central Texas and Robert F. Kennedy in Dallas
Fall 2019

Read my articles Marian's Story and Fifty Years On: Remembering the Texas International Pop Festival
Fall 2021

Read my article Uncle Dick and the Common Herd NOT ONLINE YET

Fall 2023

Read my article Richardson at 150

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