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Majestic Theater

Majestic TheaterThe Majestic Theater is the sole survivor of a section of Elm Street that was once reknowned as Dallas' "Theater Row." Built in 1921 (and by coincidence, located at 1921 Elm Street), the Majestic is actually the second theater by that name, the first being a vaudeville house built in 1905 at Commerce and St. Paul.

Throughout the 1920s this grand old theater, designed to seat 2,400 patrons, presented vaudeville shows as well as motion pictures and, from time to time, live theater. Some of the better-known performers who appeared on its stage were Milton Berle, George Burns and Gracie Allen, Bob Hope, Ray Bolger, Sally Rand, and Duke Ellington. During its early years the elaborately-decorated Majestic boasted a full orchestra pit and a downstairs play area for children called "Majesticland." In the 1930s the vaudeville acts were dropped and for many years only movies were shown here. Today the Majestic is a live theater venue only.

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