A Guide to the History of Dallas, Texas

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Timelines of Events in Dallas History: 1860s


April 14 - Aug. 13: Darnell's company of Texas Volunteer Ranges participates in expedition to fight Indians in Wichita Mountains; John Neely Bryan serves as 1st Lt.

July 8: A fire destroys most of the town. At the time, it was suspected that three slaves, incited by two Iowa ministers, were to blame. The slaves were hanged and the two clergymen were whipped and run out of town.


Feb. 28: Dallas voters approve secession, 741 to 237. Texas leaves the Union, joins the newly-formed Confederate States of America.

April 14: The Civil War begins.

n.d.: Confederate quartermaster and commissary depot established in Dallas.

n.d.: Dallas Light Artillery, C.S.A., formed under Capt. John J. Good.





Dec. 6: Following the conclusion of the Civil War, federal troops pass through Dallas.

n.d.: John Crockett appointed mayor of Dallas by Texas Governor A. J. Hamilton.


n.d.: Trinity River Slack Water Navigation Company incorporated and authorized to start regular navigation of the river between Dallas and Galveston.

n.d.: The Younger Brothers and Jesse James visit the Shirley family at Scyene, a few miles east of Dallas. Myra Belle Shirley later gains infamy as the "Outlaw Queen" Belle Starr.

mid-May: A big flood damages structures in low-lying parts of Dallas, including a brick house occupied by John Neely Bryan.



n.d.: Job Boat #1, a steamboat captained by J. H. McGarvey, travels up the Trinity River from Galveston to Dallas.

n.d.: Dallas County freedmen vote for the first time.

Dec. 17: Hoping that regular river traffic to Galveston can be established, the Steamboat "Sallie Haynes" is launched at Dallas.


n.d.: Browder Springs becomes first municipal water supply.

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