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at Alvarado, MEXICO

"[Alvarado] is an old place, has a very fine church, very few inhabitants in the place...There are two other forts on the River below town, guns on some of them, and one above town with eight fine, large brass pieces. There are some very fine water melons here."
- Stephen F. Nunnalee, Journal, April 2, 1847

  • March 30, 1847: Along with some other volunteer troops under command of General Quitman, the Alabama regiment departs Vera Cruz for Alvarado, about 60 miles south, to gather cattle.
  • March 30-April 2, 1847: On the march through deep sand on the shore. Very hot.
  • April 2, 1847: Troops arrive only to learn that Mexicans have driven most of the cattle inland.
  • April 4, 1847: Troops begin march back to Vera Cruz.
  • April 6, 1847: Troops arrive back at Vera Cruz.


Butler, Steven R., ed. The Eutaw Rangers in the War with Mexico: The Mexican War Journal & Letters of Capt. Sydenham Moore and the Mexican War Journal of Pvt. Stephen F. Nunnalee, Company D, First Regiment of Alabama Volunteers (Richardson, Texas: Descendants of Mexican War Veterans, 1998).

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