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Final Resting Places of the Eutaw Rangers

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Name & Rank
Date/Place of Death
Burial Place
Find-a-Grave Memorial
Capt. Sydenham Moore August 20, 1862
Richmond, VA
New Greensboro Cemetery
Greensboro, Hale Co., AL
Peter, a slave
Body Servant to Captain Moore
Camargo, MEXICO
Camargo, MEXICO
1st Lt. Stephen F. Hale July 18, 1862
Richmond, VA
Mesopotamia Cemetery
Eutaw, Greene Co., AL
2d Lt. & Surgeon John C. Anderson

1st Sgt. & 2d Lt. John C. McIntyre

2d Sgt. James Mabe

3d Sgt. Pleasant T. Tannehill

4th Sgt. Charles D. Graham

1st Cpl. Beverly Greenwood Sept. 24, 1852 Eutaw, AL
2d Cpl. George B. Ross 

3d Cpl. Abram Flinn January 28, 1847
Steamboat Tuscaloosa
(Boiler Explosion)
Mesopotamia Cemetery
Eutaw, Greene Co., AL
4th Cpl. Isaac Oliver April 25, 1862 Mesopotamia Cemetery
Eutaw, Greene Co., AL
Musician (Fifer) Charles Phelps

Musician (Drummer) George W. Shoppert (or Schoppert)  22 Nov. 1846 Camargo, MEXICO
James F. Archibald May 27, 1847
New Orleans, LA
John G. Archibald

Samuel E. Archibald

Samuel S. Archibald

Bushrod W. Baker

Charles E. Beame

William A. Bell December 25, 1846
Matamoros, MEXICO
Mesopotamia Cemetery
Eutaw, Greene Co., AL
Abner Blocker

James T. Bostick

Henry L. Brown

William R. Brown

David O. R. Buffalowe

Alfred Butler July 12, 1860
Fairfield, Freestone Co., TX
Fairfield City Cemetery Fairfield, TX
Levin Butler  Between 1860-1866
Prob. Giles Co., TN
Prob. Giles Co., TN
Nathan M. Carpenter May 1907 Clinton Cemetery
Clinton, Greene Co., AL
Thomas T. Chiles

William Y. Chiles 

Samuel W. Cockrell

Wiley Coleman 

Lewis (or Louis) Collins

Amzi Cortner

Joshua B. Cox

David Creswell

James Fleming Cross March 5, 1917 Mesopotamia Cemetery
Eutaw, Greene Co., AL
John L. Curtis

Thomas J. Dale

Patrick Daley (or Daily) June 1, 1850 Eutaw, Greene Co., AL
James T. Davis 

William L. Drummond 

David A. Dunn

Albert Embree

George Field

Samuel M. Fleming

Sydney Floyd

Gilbert K. Fuller

Abner Gindrat

Samuel S. Goree

Wyant O. Gullion

Joseph W. Hale 

Benjamin F. Halter

Eber S. Hamilton

Thomas P. Hamilton

James T. Hardaway

John Harrison

Adam Hawk

 John N. Hobson

Charles A. Hoppin

Charles H. Houston

Edward A. Holt

Joseph E. Hough

Andrew J. (Jack) Kercherville

Cicero L. Kirksey Sept. 13, 1846
Camargo, MEXICO
Camargo, MEXICO
Lucius Lockett

John W. Mann

Simeon A.(Alex) Maxwell Nov. 22, 1866 Clinton, Greene Co., AL
John McKee

Thaddeus McLemore

Alexander McNeil 1847
Point Isabel, TX
(Point Isabel, TX?)
Randolph McMillan

Smythe M. Miles

William M. Montgomery

Jefferson Noble

Stephen F. Nunnalee March 18, 1907 Tuscaloosa, AL YES
William D. Nunnalee

Milton Powell

Samuel Rhea

Eli C. Ridgeway 

Richard Ridgeway

Theodore R. Rhoden

Thomas L. Roberts

William R. Sample

John Schott

William D. Sheffield

Morton Sims 

George G. Snedicor 

Frederick W. Swann

Francis M. Terry

Thomas C. Thomas

John W. Tilghman

Charles H. Travis

William R. Ward

William T. Wilson

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