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Abram Flinn grave

3rd Corporal

Of all the Eutaw Rangers, Abram Flinn was perhaps the most tragic figure. In November 1846, 3rd Corporal Flinn was stricken while the company was stationed at Camargo. When the rest of Moore's men went back down the Rio Grande later that same month, for further transportation to Tampico, Flinn stayed behind, too ill to be moved. On December 20, he was discharged at Camargo on a surgeon's certificate of disability and sent home. He probably took ship to New Orleans and then made his way to Mobile. From there, he started up the Black Warrior River aboard the steamboat Tuscaloosa. His tombstone, in Eutaw's Mesopotamia Cemetery, tells the rest of the story:

In Memory of
a native of So. Carolina
who perished by the explosions
of the St. Boat Tuscaloosa
on the night of the 28th
January 1847 in the 37th
year of his age
The deceased was a member
of the Eutaw Rangers and was
on his return from Mexico
for the restoration of his health
when he was thus suddenly called
from Time to Eternity

In the midst of life we are in Death
unto thy bosom faithful tomb

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