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at Tampico, MEXICO
Tampico, 1846

"Tampico is a beautiful place, situated on the [Panuco] River, on an elevated ridge, a few miles from the gulf, a fine market, houses well built and neat, surrounded on three sides by water...We are encamped on a beautiful plain below town, where there used to be an old Mexican fort."
- Stephen F. Nunnalee, Journal, Dec. 17, 1846

  • Dec. 17, 1846: Company D, along with regiment, arrives at Tampico aboard the steamship Virginia
  • Dec. 23, 1846: Eutaw Rangers and Greensboro Volunteers sent on picket duty 2 or 3 miles north of town.
  • Dec. 25, 1846: Christmas Day. Capt. Moore serves the Rangers an eggnog made with 10 dozen eggs and four gallons of spirits. That morning, the company erects a flagpole and raises the flag the young ladies of Eutaw gave them when they departed in June. That night, the men have a "fandango." In his journal, Stephen F. Nunnalee remarks it is the first Christmas most of them have experienced without cold weather.
  • Jan. 4, 1847: A "Norther" brings cold weather to Tampico.
  • Jan. 10, 1847: Rangers ordered to march on Tuxpan, with other troops.
  • Jan. 11, 1847: Orders countermanded after troops march 10 miles.
  • Jan. 12, 1847: Troops return to Tampico.
  • Jan. 20, 1847: Company D receives word that William A. Bell has died in the hospital at Matamoros [on Christmas Day]. Unlike most enlisted men who died in Mexico, his remains are returned to the U.S. for burial.
  • Jan. 21, 1847: First pay day since the regiment was received into service.
  • Feb. 3, 1847: Review and inspection of troops by General Quitman.
  • Feb. 19, 1847: Stephen F. Nunnalee catches a glimpse of Gen. Winfield Scott. Remarks in his diary that Scott is a "noble looking old fellow."
  • March 7, 1847: Eutaw Rangers depart Tampico aboard the steamship New Orleans, in preparation for landing at Vera Cruz.


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