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at Vera Cruz, MEXICO
The Landing at Vera Cruz, March 9, 1847

"The display of the vessels was one of the grandest and most magnificent ever witnessed on the waters of the Western hemisphere...the day was beautiful, the breeze fair, and patriotism beat high in the hearts of the soldiers...Flags flying, soul-stirring music, and the shouts of volunteers...We were the first of the Regiment ashore."- Stephen F. Nunnalee, Journal, March 9, 1847

The Siege of Vera Cruz
    First Visit
  • March 9, 1847: Eutaw Rangers participate in mass amphibious landing at Vera Cruz. Approximately 10,000 U.S. troops put ashore. Rangers spend the night on the beach.
  • March 11, 1847: While marching on outskirts of city, Rangers draw Mexican cannon fire.
  • March 13, 1847: U.S. bombardment of Vera Cruz commences.
  • March 14-15, 1847: Rangers on picket duty.
  • March 18, 1847: Rangers on picket duty again.
  • March 21, 1847: Rangers on picket duty again.
  • March 24, 1847: Rangers on picket duty again. Twenty men detailed to work on batteries.
  • March 27, 1847: A "Norther" brings bad weather.
  • March 29, 1847: Mexican forces in Vera Cruz surrender.

From March 31 through April 6, 1847, Eutaw Rangers participated in a brief expedition to Alvarado. Following the Alvarado Expedition, some Rangers are left in the hospital at Vera Cruz while remainder of company marches with regiment to Jalapa, departing Vera Cruz on April 17, 1847 and missing the Battle of Cerro Gordo by one day.

    Second Visit
  • May 11, 1847: Rangers arrive back at Vera Cruz after marching inland to Jalapa.
  • May 12, 1847: Captain Moore departs for New Orleans at 3 p.m. aboard steamship Fashion with the sick.
  • May 16, 1847: Remainder of company departs Vera Cruz aboard a sailing vessel.


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