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Original Roster of
The "Eutaw Rangers"
(Moore's Company)
Withers' Regiment of Alabama Volunteers for 6 Months

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This company was enrolled on 25 May 1846 at Eutaw, Greene County, Alabama. They were mustered into federal service at Mobile on 6 June 1846, for a period of six months. Less than two weeks later the company was disbanded, and re-mustered into service for twelve months. Most, but not all of the same men, re-enrolled for the longer period. See remustered roster.

  1. Sydenham Moore, Captain
  2. Stephen F. Hale, 1st Lt.
  3. John C. Anderson, 2d Lt.
  1. John C. McIntyre, 1st Sgt.
  2. James Mabe, 2d Sgt.
  3. Pleasant T. Tannehill, 3d Sgt.
  4. Charles D. Graham, 4th Sgt.
  5. Beverly Greenwood, 1st Cpl.
  6. George B. Ross, 2d Cpl.
  7. Abram Flinn, 3d Cpl.
  8. Isaac Oliver, 4th Cpl.
James F. Archibald John G. Archibald Samuel E. Archibald Samuel S. Archibald
William A. Bell Bushrod W. Baker Thomas W. Bartee William B. Briggs
Henry L. Brown William A.? Brown William R. Brown James T. Bostwick
David Buffalowe Alfred Butler Levin Butler Amzi Cortner
Thomas T. Chiles William Y. Chiles Nathan Carpenter James F. Cross
Samuel W. Cockrell Lewis Collins Name Illegible John L. Curtis
Patrick Daley James S. Davis Albert Embree George Field
Sydney Floyd Wyant O. Gullion Joseph W. Hall Eber S. Hamilton
John Harrison Benjamin F. Hatton John N. Hobson Edward A. Holt
Joseph E. Haugh James T. Hardaway Thomas P. Hamilton Samuel S. Leigh
John McRee Thaddeus McLemore Alexander McNeil Simeon A. Maxwell
Stephen F. Nunnalee William D. Nunnalee Milton Powell Samuel Rhea
Ely C. Ridgeway Richard Ridgeway Theodore R. Rhodon Thomas L. Roberts
William R. Sample George W. Shoppert William D. Sheffield George G. Snedicor
Frederick W. Swann John Schott Francis M. Terry Thomas C. Thomas
Charles H. Travis Benjamin G. Wallace William R. Ward William S. Wilson

The rosters on this page were transcribed by Steven Butler from microfilmed copies of the original muster rolls, which are housed in the National Archives in Washington, D.C. These rolls, along with a complete list of the more than 2,000 men who served from Alabama during the Mexican War can also be found in the book, Alabama Volunteers in the Mexican War. The Eutaw Ranger rolls alone are also included in The Eutaw Rangers in the War with Mexico: The Mexican War Journal & Letters of Capt. Sydenham Moore and the Mexican War Journal of Pvt. Stephen F. Nunnalee. Both are publications of The Descendants of Mexican War Veterans.

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