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"Bluejackets on Parade" was a floppy two-sided 33 1/3 RPM record that came with every copy of The Anchor. It featured a narrator explaining the training that recruits at NTC San Diego underwent, complete with appropriate sound effects or what would today be called "sound-bites."

Bluejackets On Parade cover
Bluejackets On Parade cover

Bluejackets On Parade record
Bluejackets On Parade record

SIDE 1 MP3 (8 minutes, 47 seconds)

SIDE 2 MP3 (9 minutes 01 seconds)

AFEES Dallas, Texas letter

Here's the letter I received after I enlisted, which lays out the agenda for the day I was scheduled to report to the Armed Forces Entrance and Examination Station (AFEES), which was same day I was sent to NTC San Diego, and also a list of things I was told to bring and to NOT bring! Click on the images to see a larger size.

Boot Camp What to Bring Information Sheet

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