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Company 68-089 Group Photo

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Company 68-089 Group Photograph

Recruits are identified from left to right on each row.

Front or First row (10): Johnson, Harrel, Breiner, Skelton, Hildreth Hill, Wnuck, Cline, Mistler, Irvin, McDowell

Second row (11): Gooding (holding company flag), Fisher, Claasen, Savela, Tomas, BT1 Townsend, Harvell, Reams, Jamison, R. A. Hill, Dunham (holding NTC flag)

Third row (10): Rushing, Perry, Collins, Shirley, Reagan, Tipple, Berger, Mahoney, Edmondson, Miller

Fourth row (9): Blackford, Cummins, McPherson, Beach, Baker, Gray, Jones, Taylor, Faulkner

Fifth row (10): Provost, Brown, Willman, Wong, Munoz, Frazier, Butler, Thompson, Brooks, Salle

Sixth row (9): Culver, Woodbury, O'Brien, Wilson, Mitchell, Marshall, Blazer, Lewis, Crosley

Seventh row (2): Epling and Sipes

Total: 61 (includes Company Commander)

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