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USNTC San Diego postcards

Here are some postcards that I sent to my parents when I was in Navy boot camp at San Diego in early 1968. All pictures with captions are from a fold-out, the cover of which you can see to the right. The card showing the base chapel is also from the fold-out. The bottom three cards were mailed individually.

Click on each "thumbnail" below to see a larger image or click on one and then use the right arrow key on your keyboard to move sequentially through them.

Page 1 Individual Photos Page 2 Individual Photos Page 3 Individual Photos
Page 1 Individual Photos and Haircuts Page 5 Haircuts Page 6 Gas Chamber
Page 7 Inspection Page 8 Barracks Life Page 9 Barracks Life
Page 10 Innoculations Page 11 Infantry Drill Page 12 9-5 Day
Page 13 Departure Page 14 Co. Commander and Petty Officers Page 15 Passing in Review

NOTE: I do not claim copyright on any of these postcard photos.

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