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Company Roster

1. Baker, Robert J. Hayward, CA
2. Beach, David P. Salem, OR
3. Berger, Carl P. Jr. Sherwood, OR Deceased
4. Blackford, Robert W. Columbia, NJ
5. Blazer, Ellis S. Jr. Sylva, NC
6. Breiner, Charles L. Yakima, WA
7. Brooks, Harvey J. Ukiah, CA
8. Brown, Steven D. Portland, OR
9. Butler, Steven R. Dallas, Texas
10. Claasen, David L. Brownsville, OR
11.Cline, Daniel J. Prairie City, OR
12. Collins, Willis D. Jr. Beaumont, TX
13. Crosley, Edd A. Everman, TX
14. Culver, Gerald W. Worland, WY
15. Cummins, James M. Sacramento, CA
16. Dunham, Aubrey L. Houston, TX
17. Edmondson, Wilbur D. Fayetteville, GA
18. Epling, David P. Winters, CA
19. Faulkner, Gene W. Jr. Granitville, SC Deceased
20. Fisher, James T. Portland, OR
21. Frazier, Thomas W. Texarkana, TX
22. Gooding, Keith E. Yosemite, CA
23. Gray, David E. Corvallis, OR
24. Harrel, Patrick J. Pittsburg, TX
25. Harvell, David R. Belton, SC
26. Hill, Hildreth A. III Unknown Deceased
27. Hill, Robert A. II Jonesboro, GA
28. Irvin, Mack T. Jr. Fort Worth, TX
29. Jamison, Lawrence D. Jr. Abilene, TX
30. Johnson, Arthur L. Shell Rock, Iowa
31. Jones, Nathan H. Roseburg, OR
32. Lewis, Charles L. Young Harris, GA
33. Mahoney, Walter P. II Philadelphia, PA
34. Marshall, David B. Antioch, CA
35. McDowell, William J. Pomeroy, WA
36. McPherson, James L. Black Mountain, NC
37. Miller, Charles L. Selma, OR
38. Mistler, Stephen C. Sacramento, CA
39. Mitchell, Charles E. Portland, OR
40. Munoz, Arturo B. Newark, CA
41. O'Brien, Hugo P. Sacramento, CA
42. Perry, Troy L. Des Arc, AR
43. Provost, James L. San Francisco, CA
44. Reagan, John D. Norcross, GA
45. Reams, Franklin S. Morehead City, NC
46. Rushing, William W. II Sacramento, CA
47. Salle, David P. Oregon City, OR
48. Savela, George E. St. Helens, OR
49. Shirley, David C. Monterey, CA
50. Sipes, John A. Lewiston, ID
51. Skelton, Ralph D. Dallas, TX
52. Taylor, Howard D. Palmer, NE
53. Thompson, Earl R. Seattle, WA
54. Tipple, William S. Everman, TX
55. Tomas, Francisco A. Jr. The Philippines
56. Willman, Albert A. Jr. Mollalla, OR
57. Wilson, Alfred M. Jr. Portland, OR
58. Wnuck, Kenneth P. Santa Clara, CA
59. Woodbury, James P. Portland, OR
60. Wong, Albert Oakland, CA

Recruits in this company by place of residence in 1968

  • 15 from Oregon
  • 14 from California
  • 10 from Texas
  • 4 from Georgia
  • 3 each from North Carolina and Washington
  • 2 from South Carolina
  • 1 each from Arkansas, Idaho, Iowa, Nebraska, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, The Philippines, and Wyoming
  • 1 residence not stated in The Anchor

Recruits in this company by race/ethnicity

  • 54 White/Caucasian
  • 3 African-American
  • 2 Asian
  • 1 Hispanic

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