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Cruise Chronology

2 September U.S.S. Yorktown departs Norfolk, Virginia for a slightly more than three-month-long NATO deployment.
2-? September Yorktown crosses North Atlantic to European waters.
17-23 September Yorktown takes part OPERATION PEACEKEEPER. "During the exercise, she provided ASW and SAR support for the task force."
Dates? Yorktown in port at Brest, France.
Dates? Yorktown at sea between Brest and Rotterdam.
16-18 October Yorktown in port at Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
18 October Suddenly and unexpectedly, Yorktown leaves Rotterdam and heads out to sea, leaving approximately one-third of its 2,000 man crew behind in the Netherlands and neighboring countries.
18-19 October Stranded Yorktown sailors are temporarily accommodated at Royal Dutch Marine Barracks near Rotterdam.
19 October Stranded Yorktown sailors are flown from Rotterdam Airport to Royal Air Force base at Mildenhall, England by USAF Military Airlift Command.
19-20 October Stranded Yorktown sailors are temporarily accommodated at Royal Air Force base barracks at Mildenhall, England.
20 October Stranded Yorktown sailors are transported by motorcoach from Royal Air Force base, Mildenhall, England to Royal Navy base, Portsmouth, England, where they board the U.S.S. Waccamaw.
20-21 October Stranded Yorktown sailors spend a night aboard the Waccamaw, sleeping in shifts due to shortage of bunks.
21 October Stranded Yorktown sailors are transferred by bosun's chair and highline from the deck of the Waccamaw to the flight deck of the Yorktown, during refueling operations at sea.
18 October-11 November Yorktown at sea participating in "a series of hunter/killer ASW exercises."
11-16 November Yorktown in port at Kiel, West Germany.
16-18 November Yorktown en route to Copenhagen, Denmark.
18-21 November Yorktown in port at Copenhagen, Denmark. Most of the crew are probably unaware that the ship is carrying nuclear weapons (depth bombs), in violation of a treaty with Denmark.
21-25 November Yorktown en route to Portsmouth, England.
25 November-1 December Yorktown in port at Portsmouth, England.
1-11 December Yorktown in transit to CONUS (Contintental United States) across North Atlantic Ocean.
11 December Yorktown arrives at NS Norfolk, Virginia.

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