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Operations at Sea

From the U.S.S. Yorktown cruise book:

Yorktown flight deck, official Navy photo"Maintaining the sea lanes of the world open to ,the free passage of allied vessels is the traditional role of the Navy. Should the sea lanes be closed, our forces abroad and our economy at home would both suffer. The raw materials necessary to maintain our nation are economically transported by a single world-wide route: the sea. This is as true today as in the days of sailing ships, the atomic age notwithstanding.

Antisubmarine suppprt carriers such as YORKTOWN play vital role in executing the overall mission of the Navy. Incorporating the advantages of mobility and versatility, YORKTOWN is a completely equipped floating air base. Rather than acting as a fixed target easily plotted on any map, YORKTOWN roams the oceans of the world. Capable of changing her position hundreds of miles in a single day, YORKTOWN peacefully protects her self from attack whether it be political or military.

YORKTOWN and her sisters serve as the nucleus of a concentrated, professional team of ships, aircraft and associated weapons systems. Such a team exerts continuous political pressure against apotential enemy, and protects our sea lanes. This we accomplish while remaining free from the political temperment of a fixed locals.

Versatile and mobile, YORKTOWN serves as a base for patrol, search and localization as well as attack, if the need arises, against a potential submarine threat. YORKTOWN can protect a convoy, evacuate civilians, search for downed aircraft or ships in distress, defend an amphibious landing site against submarines or serve as a disaster control center. Such versatility enables YORKTOWN to be used in any potentially dangerous situation where she can apply discrete but continuous pressure in order to cool the brushfire. Her mobility and versatility enable YORKTOWN to provide confident strength to our allies and somber reflection to a potential enemy.

The recognized defensive and offensive capabilities of YORKTOWN are used in support of our national policy and serve as powerful deterrents to war and a force for peace around the world......The single most important factor in the successful undertaking of her role is the men who operate YORKTOWN. This cruise book depicts the men of the "Fighting Lady" on this, her twilight cruise."

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