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The photographs below are from the Yorktown's 1969 cruise book. If you have any photos that were taken during this cruise that you would like to share, please send email to

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04's back
"04's Back"

127 RPM
"127 RPM"

Almost Over
"Almost Over"

At Sea
"At Sea"

Come Left
"Come Left"9

Down She Goes
"Down She Goes"


Where's the Planeguard?
"Where's the Planeguard?"



Rev 'em Up
"Rev 'em Up"

She's off!
"She's off!"

Spotting for launch
"Spotting for launch"


Yorktown Flight Deck
"Yorktown Flight Deck"

Yorktown bow
"Yorktown bow"

HS-11 Chopper
"HS-11 Chopper landing"

Packing a chute
"Packing a chute"

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