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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I obtain copies of Reid's books?

Most of Reid's books are out-of-print in English and have been for nearly a century. Some titles are still in print in Russian and other languages. Your best bet for finding used copies is eBay or one of the following online antiquarian book sites:

A company called Fredonia Books has recently published two Reid titles, in English, in paperback: The Boy Slaves and The Plant Hunters. Another publisher, Kressinger, has reprinted Man Eaters and Other Odd People. These titles can be ordered through Amazon or Barnes and Noble online.

I have an old Mayne Reid book. Can you tell me how much it is worth?

No, I can't. While I do own several old books, including many Reid titles, I am not an expert on book values. If you send me an email asking me how much I think your Reid book is worth, you will be wasting your time because I have no idea — so please don't ask!

Apart from having your book appraised by a professional book dealer, probably the best way to determine a book's value is to see what others are charging for a similar volume. Keep in mind that first editions of any book are more valuable than a copy printed fifty years later! I can tell you that your copy of The Rifle Rangers, for instance, isn't going to be worth a lot unless it was published in 1850 in London by William Shoberl! If it has no copyright date at all, then chances are it's a later reprint and isn't worth a great deal.

I recommend you check to see what other people are charging for books at one of the below listed sites. You can also buy Reid books at these sites, of course.

How do you pronouce Reid's name?

As far as I know, it is pronounced the same as if it were spelled "Main Reed." I base this inference on the 1870 United States Census for New York City, in which the census taker spelled Reid's name exactly that way. At that time, Reid and his wife and Reid's assistant Charles Ollivant were all residing in a boarding house owned by a Mrs. Van Ness.

Who are you and why are you hosting this website?

I am an American historian, with British connections, who wrote his Ph.D. dissertation about Mayne Reid. I created this site to share my findings with others who may be interested in Reid.

This web site is hosted by a private citizen and provided as a free public service. Its sole purpose is to entertain and inform. All information contained herein was obtained or derived from a variety of sources, including the host's own private collection of Mayne Reid books and related items. The host cannot assume any responsibility for any incorrect information contained on this page or any pages to which it is linked.

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