The Ranche

During his lifetime (1818-1883) and well into the 20th century, Capt. Mayne Reid was one of the most widely-read authors of adventure novels and juvenile books in the world. This web site is dedicated to telling the story of Reid's life and keeping his literary legacy alive.

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The Ranche
Capt. Mayne Reid's "Ranche" near Gerrard's Cross, Buckinghamshire, England

Mayne Reid Bicentennial
April 4, 2018 marks the 200th anniversary of Capt. Mayne Reid's birth in Ireland.

Transcribed from Reid's newspaper writings; not available in print since the nineteenth century!

Sketches by a Skirmisher

During the mid-to-late nineteenth century, Capt. Mayne Reid was one of the best- known authors of adventure novels in the English-speaking world. Although many of his books were intended for a juvenile audience, he also wrote for adults. Although Reidís novels are still fairly well-known, especially in Eastern Europe, his writing during and just after the war with Mexico, which inspired his later work, has receded into obscurity. For the first time in more than a century-and-a- half, it is available once more in Sketches by a Skirmisher.

The Rural Life of England

The Rural Life of England consists of twenty-six letters or articles that were written by Victorian-era author Capt. Mayne Reid, celebrated on both sides of the Atlantic for his adventure novels, during the final full year that he and his wife Elizabeth resided at Frogmore, the country home they rented in Herefordshire, not far from the village of Ross-on-Wye and also the English-Welsh border. Intended for an American readership, these informative, factual letters were published at weekly intervals in the New York Tribune between April 2 and September 24, 1882. A separate letter, "The Failure of the English Hay Crop," is included, although it was not a part of the series. So far as known, none of these letters have appeared anywhere else in print since their original publication in 1882.

The Rural Life of England was transcribed and edited by Steven R. Butler, author of Away O'er the Waves: The Transatlantic Life & Literature of Captain Mayne Reid. Butler has also written a brief biography of Reid for this volume, as well as an informative Introduction.

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