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Captain Mayne Reidís Work

Miscellaneous Books

Reid as Co-author, Editor, or Translator

The Wild-Horse Hunters (New York: Beadle and Adams 1877). [With Frederick Whittaker]

The Cadet Button: A Romance of American Army Life, edited by Captain Mayne Reid (New York: 1878).

The Black Mustanger (New York: Beadle and Adams, 1885). [With Frederick Whittaker]

The Wood Rangers: or, The Trappers of Sonora (New York: De Witt, 1860). [A translation of Le Courer des Bois by Louis de Bellemare, a.k.a. Gabriel Ferry]

The Tiger Hunter (New York: De Witt, 1865); published in the United Kingdom as A Hero in Spite of Himself. [A translation of Costal l'Indien by Louis de Bellemare, a.k.a. Gabriel Ferry]

Short Story Collections

Wild Life: or, Adventures on the Frontier. A Tale of the Early Days of the Texan Republic (New York: R. M. De Witt 1859; London: R. Bentley, 1873). The title story is from Charles Sealsfield's (Karl Anton Postl] Cabin Book (1841). Items by Reid include "Brothers and Sisters: A Parisian Sketch," "The Last Adventure of a Coquette," "A Husband's Ruse," "The Wounded Guerilla: A Sketch of the Late Campaign," "Scouting Near Vera Cruz," and "Mexican Jealousy."

The Guerilla Chief: And Other Tales (London: Darton, 1867); includes "The Guerilla Chief," "Despard the Sportsman," "A Case of Retaliation," "The Broken Bitt," "A Turkey Hunt in Texas," "Trapped in a Tree," and "The Black Jaguar."

Trapped in a Tree (London: Miles [Charterhouse Series, n.d.); includes "Rosanna," "A Case of Retaliation," "The Broken Bitt," "A Turkey Hunt in Texas," "Trapped in a Tree," and "The Black Jaguar."

The Pierced Heart and Other Stories (London: J. R. Maxwell, 1885); includes "The Pierced Heart," "Brother Against Brother," "Ghost, or Grizzly?," "The Spectre at the Gate," "Among the Mangroves," "The Iguana Hunter," "A Twelve Miles' Wade," "Christmas in a Shooting Box," "The Love Test," Jarocho Life," "Among the Palmettos," "Riding in Rodeo," and "Captured by Confeds."


Popular Adventure Tales (London: Simpkin [1890]; consists of The Young Voyageurs, The Forest Exiles, and The Bush Boys.

By Charles Beach
(Believed by some to be a nom de plume for Mayne Reid.)

Andrew Deverel: The History of an Adventure in New Guinea, 2 vols. (London: R. Bentley, 1863).

Lost Lenore: or, The Adventures of a Rolling Stone, edited by Captain Mayne Reid, 3 vols. (London: Skeet. 1864).

Left to the World, 3 vols. (London: J. Maxwell, 1865).

Never: The Trials and Perilous Adventures of Frederick Lonsdale. An Autobiography (London: Virtue & Co., 1868).

The Way to Win: A Story of Adventure Afloat and Ashore (London: Lockwood & Co., 1869).

Pitzmaroon: or, The Magic Hammer (Springfield, Mass.: Whitney and Adams, 1874).

Waifs of the World: or, Adventures Afloat and Ashore (London: F. Warne & Co., 1878).

Spurious Works

Rangers and Regulators (New York: Carleton, 1870).

Collections featuring Captain Mayne Reid and Others

Wonderful Adventures: A Series of Narratives of Personal Experiences Among the Native Tribes of America (London: Cassell 1872.)

Stories About Animals (New York: T. R. Knox, 1885). Chapters by Reid are "A Talk About Tigers," and "A Tiger Taken by Birdlime," from The Plant Hunters.

Stories of Bold Deeds and Brave Men, Beeton's Annual (London: 1893).


Love's Martyr: A Tragedy (Philadelphia: Printed for the Author, 1849).

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