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Captain Mayne Reid’s Work

Reid's Work in U.K. Newspapers and Periodicals

Note: This list does not purport to be all-inclusive. Reid was such a prolific writer that there are almost certainly many more “lost” letters, articles, serials, and/or poems awaiting re-discovery.

All bylines are “By Captain Mayne Reid” unless otherwise indicated in parentheses.

Boys Magazine

  • “Gaspar the Gaucho” (previously titled “The Lost Sister”), serialized beginning late 1877.

The Boys’ Journal

  • “The Ocean Waifs,” serialized 1863.
  • “The Boy Slaves,” serialized 1864.
  • “Afloat in the Forest,” serialized 1865.

Boys’ Illustrated News (Reid was co-editor with John Latey, Jr.)

  • “The Lost Mountain” (illustrated by R. Caton Woodville), serialized beginning April 6, 1881.
  • The Chase of Leviathan,” serialized beginning July 2, 1881.
  • “A Fight in Flood; or Kin Against Kin: A Romance of the Forest of Dean” (a version of No Quarter!), serialized beginning Sept. 21, 1881.
  • “The Scalp Hunters” (illustrated by Melton Prior), serialized beginning Jan. 4, 1882.
  • “Travel, Voyage and Adventure Among the Palmettos: An Adventure in the Swamps of Louisiana,” April 6 & 13, 1881.
  • Misc. short stories and notes on natural history, dates unknown.

Boys of England

  • “The Fatal Cord,” serialized beginning no. 56, 1867?
  • “The Planter Pirate,” serialized 1867?
  • “The White Squaw,” serialized beginning no. 82, date unknown.

Boys’ Own

  • “The Finger of Fate,” serialized beginning January 1868

Cassell’s Illustrated Family Paper

  • “The Maroon” (128 chapters, illustrated by J. Swain and C. Green) serialized beginning vol. 9, no. 217, January 25,1862.

Cassell’s Illustrated Travels

  • “A Zig-Zag Journey Through Mexico,” 1871 or 1872.
  • “A Flying Visit to Florida,” 1871 or 1872.

Chambers’s Journal

  • “The War Trail,” serialized beginning January 3, 1857; finished June 27, 1857.
  • “Oceola,” serialized beginning Jan. 2, 1858; finished June 26, 1858.
  • “The Wild Huntress,” serialized beginning July 7, 1860; finished Dec. 29, 1860.
  • “The Flag of Distress,” serialized beginning Aug. 7, 1875; finished Dec. 25, 1875.
  • “Nursing Sisters” (unsigned), May 15,1875.
  • “The Axolotl” (unsigned), Aug. 7, 1875.


  • “A Tour of Texas,” 1871 or 1872

Glasgow Herald

  • “A Brother’s Revenge” (originally titled “The Finger of Fate”), serialized beginning Sept. 11, 1875.

Hereford Times (and nine other provincial newspapers)

  • “The Flag of Distress,” serialized 1878

Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News

  • “Yachting on Ice,” Feb. 1875
  • “Our Home Natural History” (series), 1882
  • Several short sketches, titles unknown, 1874 and/or 1875

Land and Water

  • Article on Mexican axolotl, March 4, 1876

Liverpool Weekly Courier (and other papers)

  • “Gwen Wynn,” serialized 1876

London Journal

  • Title(s) and date(s) uncertain (1850s)

London Live Stock Journal

  • “Best Colours for Summer and Winter Clothing” (letter) Jan. 24, 1879
  • “Potatoes, and How to Regenerate Them” (letter), date unknown
  • “Jacob’s Sheep” (letter), date unknown
  • “The Naturalist on the Wye” series, dates unknown

London Society

  • “The Maniac Skater,” 1871
  • “Captured by Confeds,” May 1872
  • “Ghost, or Grizzly,” June 1872.
  • “The Pierced Heart,” serialized 1874 or 1875

Newcastle Weekly Chronicle (and several other papers including the Manchester Weekly Post, the Bristol Mercury, and the Leamington Labourers’ Chronicle)

  • “No Quarter,” serialized 1880

Penny Illustrated Newspaper

  • “The Militia at Uxbridge” (unsigned), May 12, 1866
  • “The Death Shot: A Tale of the Texan Prairie,” serialized beginning Dec. 23, 1871; finished June 1, 1872.
  • “Adela; or, Saved by an Angel” (a.k.a., “The Lone Ranche”), serialized beginning Oct. 18, 1873; finished April 4, 1874.
  • “The Spectre at the Gate: A Tale of the Mexican Table-Land” (illustrated by Charles Robinson), Dec. 14, 1878.
  • “The Iguana Hunter: A Tale of the Vera-Cruz Coastland,” December 13, 1879.
  • “Billet and Bullet,” December 11, 1880.
  • “The Mad Jackal: An East Indian Adventure,” December 17, 1881.
  • “The Fighting Days of Mayne Reid” (letter), January 27, 1883
  • “A Christmas in Kerguelan’s Land,” Dec. 16, 1883 (posthumous).

The Penny Miscellany

  • “The Headless Horseman” (100 chapters, illustrated by R. J. Hämerton and John Swain), serialized beginning no. 148, vol. 3, July 11, 1868; finished no. 168, November 28, 1868.
  • “The White Gauntlet” (illustrated by Webbe), serialized, dates unknown


  • “Christmas in a Shooting Box,” early 1879

The Young Englishman’s Journal

  • “The Wild Huntress” (illustrated by H. C. Maguire), serialized beginning no. 16, date unknown
  • “The Hunters’ Feast,” serialized beginning no. 65, date unknown

Young Ireland

  • “Dagger Nell,” no other information available

The Young Men of Great Britain

  • “Christmas on a Whale,” serialized beginning no. 1, January 28, 1868
  • “The Planter Pirate,” serialized beginning no. 15, date unknown


In addition to microfilmed, digitized, or actual copies of some of these publications, the following named sources were referenced.

Frank Jay, “Peeps Into the Past; being a History of Oldtime Periodicals, Journals, and Books,” 1918-19.

Charles Ollivant, Life of Mayne Reid (unpublished manuscript).

Elizabeth Reid, Captain Mayne Reid: His Life and Adventures (London: Greening and Co., 1900).

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