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Captain Mayne Reidís Work

U.K. First Edition Books


The Rifle Rangers: or, Adventures of an Officer in Southern Mexico, 2 vols. (London: W. Shoberl, 1850).

The Scalp Hunters: or, Romantic Adventures in Northern Mexico, 3 vols. (London: Skeet, 1851).Volume 1

The Desert Home: or, The Adventures of a Lost Family in the Wilderness (London: D. Bogue, 1852).

The Boy Hunters: or, Adventures in Search of a White Buffalo (London: D. Bogue, 1853).

The Young Voyageurs: or, The Boy Hunters in the North (London: D. Bogue, 1854).

The Forest Exiles: or, The Perils of a Peruvian Family Amid the Wilds of the Amazon (London: D. Bogue, 1854).

The White Chief: A Legend of Northern Mexico, 3 vols. (London: D. Bogue, 1855).

The Bush Boys: or, The History and Adventures of a Cape Farmer and His Family in the Wild Karoos of Southern Africa (London: D. Bogue, 1855).

The Young Yšgers: or, A Narrative of Hunting Adventure in Southern Africa (London: D. Bogue, 1856).

The Quadroon: or, A Lover's Adventure in Louisiana, 3 vols. (London: Hyde, 1856); published in the United States under original title and also as Love's Vengeance.

The Plant Hunters: or, Adventures Among the Himalaya Mountains (London: Ward and Lock, 1857).

The War Trail: or, The Hunt of the Wild Horse (London: n. p., 1857).

Ran Away to Sea: An Autobiography for Boys (London: Brown, 1858).

Oceola, 3 vols. (London: Hurst and Blackett, 1859); republished as The Half Blood (London: Chapman and Hall, 1861); published in the United States as Osceola, the Seminole.

The Boy Tar: or, A Voyage in the Dark (London: W. Kent, 1859).

Odd People: Being a Popular Description of Singular Races of Man (London: Routledge, 1860); published in the United States as The Man Eaters and other Odd People.

The Wild Huntress: or, Love in the Wilderness, 3 vols. (London: R. Bentley, 1861); published in the United States under the original title and also as Wild Huntress: or, The Big Squatter's Vengeance.

Despard the Sportsman (London: H. Lea, 1861).

Bruin: or, The Grand Bear Hunt (London: Routledge, 1861).

The Maroon: or, Planter Life in Jamaica, 3 vols. (London: Hurst and Blackett, 1862).

The Cliff Climbers: or, The Lone Home in the Himalayas (London: Ward and Lock, 1864).

Ocean Waifs (London: D. Bryce, 1864).

The White Gauntlet: A Romance, 3 vols. (London: Skeet, 1864).

Croquet (London: Skeet, 1864).

The Boy Slaves (London: C. H. Clarke, 1865).

The Headless Horseman: A Strange Tale of Texas, 2 vols. (London: Chapman and Hall [vol. 1], R. Bentley [vol. 2], 1865).

The Bandolero: or, A Marriage Among the Mountains (London: R. Bentley, 1866); republished as The Mountain Marriage (Glasgow: Grand Colosseum Warehouse, n.d.).

The Giraffe Hunters, 3 vols. (London: Hurst and Blackett, 1867).

Quadrupeds: What They Are and Where Found (London: T. Nelson, 1867).

The Child Wife: A Tale of the Two Worlds (London: Ward and Lock, 1868).

The Fatal Cord: A Tale of Backwoods Retribution (London: C. Brown, 1869); published in the United States as The Helpless Hand: or, Backwoods Retribution.

The Castaways: A Story of Adventure in the Wilds of Borneo (London: T. Nelson, 1870).

The White Squaw and the Yellow Chief (London: C. H. Clarke, 1871); published in the United States as Yellow Chief and Blue Dick: or, The Yellow Chief's Vengeance.

The Lone Ranche: A Tale of the "Staked Plain," 2 vols. (London: Chapman and Hall, 1871).

The Finger of Fate: A Romance, 2 vols. (London: Chapman, 1872); revised and republished as The Star of Empire: A Romance (London: Maxwell, 1888).

The Death Shot: A Romance of Forest and Prairie, 3 vols. (London: Chapman and Hall, 1873); republished as The Death Shot: A Story Retold (London: Ward, Lock & Tyler, 1874).

The Flag of Distress: A Story of the South Sea, 3 vols. (London: W. Tinsley, 1876); abridged and published in the United States as The Spectre Barque.

Gwen Wynn: A Romance of the Wye, 3 vols. (London: Tinsley Bros., 1877). Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

Gaspar the Gaucho: A Tale of the Gran Chaco (London: Routledge,1879).

The Queen of the Lakes: A Romance of the Mexican Valley (London: W. Mullan, 1880); published in the United States as The Captain of the Rifles: or, The Queen of the Lakes.

The Free Lances: A Romance of the Mexican Valley, 3 vols. (London: Remington, 1881); published in the United States as Cris Rock: or, A Lover in Chains.

The Land of Fire: A Tale of Adventure (London: Warne, 1884).

The Vee-Boers: A Tale of Adventure in Southern Africa (London: Routledge, 1885).

The Lost Mountain: A Tale of Sonora (London: Routledge, 1885); published in the United States as The Gold Seeker's Guide: or, The Lost Mountain.

The Chase of Leviathan: or, Adventures in the Ocean (London: Routledge, 1885); published in the United States as The Ocean Hunters: or, The Chase of Leviathan. A Romance of Perilous Adventure.

No Quarter!, 3 vols. (London: Sonnenschein and Co., 1888). Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3

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