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Goose Poo Problem
Scroll down past photo for text.

Geese after fouling the footpath at Huffhines Park

I have complained to the Parks Department a number of times about the Goose Poo problem and though they have assured me that they take such complaints seriously, they not only haven't done anything about it, but also have completely rejected out of hand my suggested solution, which is to erect a low metal fence between the pavement and the watercourse, to keep the Canada Geese from fouling the footpath as they too often do, causing pedestrians to have to watch out where they step, if they don't want to get goose poo on the bottom of their shoes and then track it home.

Although it doesn't appear to give off a repellent odor, Goose Poo is nonetheless an unsanitary health hazard, as explained at the website Goose Busters.

A barrier such as the one I've suggested has been in use for decades at London, England's St. James' Park, which has a similar watercourse running through it and also lots of waterfowl, including geese, ducks, pelicans, and swans (see photo below). Why not Richardson, Texas? I encourage visitors to this website to contact the Parks Department and urge them to adopt this solution. Maybe if they hear from more people they will actually take the problem seriously. The Parks Department Director is Yvonne Falgout, email yvonne.falgout@cor.gov

London bird barrier>

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