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The Gilliland Family
Thomas Gilliland | James Gilliland


James Gilliland, the eldest son of Thomas and Priscilla Gilliland, was born about 1783 in what is now West Virginia or Pennsylvania. When he was a youth, his family removed to Kentucky, where they settled in Hardin County.

On October 4, 1808, at the age of about twenty-five, James Gilliland married Polly Morrison, who was probably the sister of Isaac Morrison, from whom I am also descended. At the time of marriage, Polly was somewhere between the ages of fourteen and twenty-four. Together, they had the following named children: Letitia, born about 1810 (later married Isaac E. Richardson, from whom I am also descended); Sarah Sally, born about 1811 (later married Samuel H. Morrison, from whom we I am descended); and Thomas, born about 1819.

Sometime between 1819 and 1832, Polly Gilliland died. James Gilliland's second wife, whom he married on February 27, 1832, was Catharine Greenawalt, a widow. Within fifteen years, Catharine Greenawalt Gilliland also died and on September 25, 1847, James was married for a third and final time, to Mary Lawson. I do not know whether he had any children by either his second or third wife.

James and Mary Gilliland were still alive in 1850, when the first federal census naming all persons in a household was taken.

On December 17, 1860 Thomas Gilliland, age 41 and named for his Revolutionary War veteran grandfather, died of drowning. It appears that his parents were still alive at the time. Thomas left a widow, Elizabeth, and at least six children.

Unfortunately, we do not know how much longer James Gilliland lived. In 1860, when his son died, he was about seventy-four years of age. It is probable that he too was dead by 1870. We do not know where he or any members of his family are buried.

The Gilliland Family
Thomas Gilliland | James Gilliland

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