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A Tour of the Historic Heart of Fair Park

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Food and Fiber Building

Food and Fiber Building

Food and Fiber Building

This building was constructed in 1936 for the Texas Centennial Exposition as a showcase for Agricultural Exhibits. In architectural style and decoration, it resembles the buildings located along Fair Park's esplanade, but on a smaller scale. The colorful murals on the walls beneath its portico are often erroneously attributed to Carlo Ciampaglia. They were actually painted by the Italian artist Hector Serbaroli (1881-1951).

One of the murals, pictured right, is called "Fecundity" or "The Goddess of Agriculture." You may purchase a colorful 16 x 20 inch poster of this mural, photographed by the author of this website, at CafePress.

The other mural pictures agricultural workers in ancient times.

Fecundity Poster

Hector Serbaroli Mural

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