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Texas Centennial Exposition, Dallas, 1936

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Centennial Souvenirs

Gene Autry in "The Big Show"

Texas Centennial Exposition seal

List of Exhibitors

FDR's Visit

FDR's Speech

Aerial View of Exposition

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All the images in the Texas Centennial Exposition portion of this website are from my personal collection of Centennial souvenirs, which consists mainly of postcards, almost all of which were produced by the Curt Teich Postcard Company of Chicago, Illinois. The black and white photograph postcards are attributed to John Sirigo, official Texas Centennial Exposition photographer. Before posting these images I made a sincere effort to learn whether a copyright was still in force. I did this by conducting a search on the U.S. Copyright Office website, using the terms "Teich, Curt," "Sirigo, John," and "Texas Centennial Exposition." My search did not reveal a copyright renewal and therefore, so far as I know and believe, these images are now in the public domain. If you have good reason to believe I am mistaken, I ask that you please notify me at once ( so that I may remove any protected item or (hopefully) request and receive permission from the copyright owner to continue to include it. It should be noted that this site is completely non-commercial and no charge is made for viewing for any part of it.

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