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A Tour of the Historic Heart of Fair Park

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DAR House

DAR HouseImmediately to the east of the Women's Museum stands the D.A.R. House. This small, white frame building was constructed in 1936 for the Texas Centennial Exposition as the Continental Oil Company's "Hospitality House." Visitors to the Exposition could sit and rest on the verandah of the house or visit the travel bureau inside, which was there to help folks find out about and get to other Centennial events in other Texas cities. In 1938, after the Centennial Exposition and subsequent Pan-American Exposition, the Continental Oil Company donated the house to the Daughters of the American Revolution. Today it is open to the public only during the state fair each October. Inside are historical exhibits and displays of various artifacts donated by or belonging to D.A.R. members. One of the more interesting things to see is a Republic of Texas land grant signed by Sam Houston. On one wall hangs a picture frame full of old buttons and badges dating from around the turn of the century. Among these is an original "Quanah Route Day" badge bearing a likeness of Chief Parker. There are also State Fair badges dating back to 1888 and political buttons picturing Teddy Roosevelt and other politicians of his era.

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