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A Tour of the Historic Heart of Fair Park

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Pictorial Index of Historic Heart Tour
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Parry Ave. Entrance
1. Main Entrance
Founders Statue
2. Founders' Statue
Womens Museum
3. Women's Museum
DAR House
4. DAR House
Centennial Bldg.
4. Centennial Bldg.
Age of Steam
6. Age of Steam
Hall of State
7. Hall of State
Automobile Bldg.
8. Automobile Bldg.
Vietnam Memorial
9. Vietnam Memorial
Smith Memorial Fountain
10. Smith Memorial Fountain
Music Hall
11. Music Hall
Hall of Religion/Gas Bldg.
12. Hall of Religion/Gas Bldg.
Old Mill Inn
13. Old Mill Inn
Magnolia Lounge
14. Magnolia Lounge
African-American Museum
15. African-American Museum
Grand Place
16. Grand Place
Big Tex
17. Big Tex
Tower Bldg.
18. Tower Bldg.
Berlin Bear Statue
19. Berlin Bear Statue
Bernardi Bust
20. Bernardi Bust

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