Carrier 1971
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Ports of Call In Order

Lisbon, Portugal
1. Lisbon, Portugal
Plymouth, England
2. Plymouth, England
Kiel, West Germany
3. Kiel, West Germany
Naples, Italy
4. Naples, Italy
Cannes, France
5. Cannes, France
Barcelona, Spain
6. Barcelona, Spain
Hamburg, West Germany
7. Hamburg, West Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
8. Copenhagen, Denmark
Greenock, Scotland
9. & 13. Greenock, Scotland
Rosyth, Scotland
10. Rosyth, Scotland
Portsmouth, England
11. Portsmouth, England
Bergen, Norway
12. Bergen, Norway

Port Call 2: Plymouth, England
UK Flag
10-13 May

Plymouth postcardAt Plymouth, the Intrepid anchored offshore, within site of the city's famous "hoe," a flat, green, park-like area atop a tall bluff, where in 1688 Sir Francis Drake was said to have been playing "bowls" when he first caught sight of the approaching Spanish Armada.

Plymouth's main shopping district, where crewmembers went to eat, drink, and shop for souvenirs, was unusual, extending down a slope opposite the hoe.

Although tiny, Plymouth's zoo was an attraction for some of our crew.

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