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Brest, France
1. Brest France
Rotterdam, Netherlands
2. Rotterdam, Netherlands
Kiel, West Germany
3. Kiel, West Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
Portsmouth, England
5. Portsmouth, England

Port Call 4: Copenhagen, Denmark
Danish Flag
18-21 November

From the Yorktown 1969 Cruise Book:

Copenhagen postcard"Wonderful, wonderful Copenhagen lived up to its reputation as one of the most delightful cities in Europe as Yorktown sailors descended upon its inlaid streets. Literally untouched by World War II, Copenhagen is a fairyland city wehre the gentle Little Mermaid guards the Langelinie channel and hydrofoil boats fly off to Sweden in 33 minutes.

Yorktown tied-up in the heart of Copenhagen offering a pleasant walk into the city for the hearty [hardy?] sailors willing to forego a cab ride in order to enjoy the wooded parks. Once in the city center, sailors regalled at Danish open-faced sandwiches, oyster bars, and The Stroget, a pedestrian shopping mall.

A daily bus tour took crewmen to the Christiansburg Castle, the changing of the guard ceremony at Amalienborg, and a motor tour through this sight-filled city.

The Yorktown at CopenhagenA free, city-sponsored trip to the Royal Danish Arsenal Museum and the Tuborg Brewery was conducted daily. The Arsenal was an imposing, oblong-shaped edifice with 40 foot ceilings and two display halls with hundreds of weapons from the past: pocket knives, cross bows, rifles and artillery pieces. The Arsenal houses one of the largest historical weapons collections in Europe.

Afternoon tours to the Tuborg Brewery gave us the opportunity to view the brewing of one of the world's most famous beers. The factory covers over 92 acres and annually produces over 600 million bottles of beer. Our guide gliby described each step of the complicated brewing process and ever offered us a sample (We accepted, of course.)"

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