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Brest, France
1. Brest France
Rotterdam, Netherlands
2. Rotterdam, Netherlands
Kiel, West Germany
3. Kiel, West Germany
Copenhagen, Denmark
4. Copenhagen, Denmark
Portsmouth, England
5. Portsmouth, England

Port Call 2: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Dutch Flag
16-18 October

From the Yorktown 1969 Cruise Book:

Greetings from Amsterdam"The chilly flight deck parade as we arrived in Rotterdam constrasted sharply with the warm reception granted Yorktown in the Netherlands. The Dutch proved warm and personable and more than delighted to show us their cities and beautiful countryside.

Tour groups visited a wooden shoe factory on one of the chaplain's tours. Such shoes keep a farmer's feet dry even in the moist earth of this sub sea-level coutnry and are left on doorsteps at night to prevent tracking into the house.

A tour of Amsterdam by bus showed us the sights while later visits on our own provided greater detail. Amsterdam is but an hour from Rotterdam by train.

Canal tours, a visit to a diamond cutting factory, and shopping filled many a sailor's afternoon. The Rijkmuseum collection of over twenty original Rembrandt's [sic] commemorates the 300th anniversary of the Dutch painter's death in 1669.

Another chaplain's tour headed south to Brussels, Belgium. Site for the 1958 World's Fair, Brussels is a city of lavish gothic churchs and decorative stone buildings.

Several crew members took leave to visit nearby European countries and left behind when Yorktown set sail early. A coordinating group of officers and shore patrolmen were left behind and successfully returned every man to the ship via our C-1A or the high-line services of the fleet oiler USS Waccamaw."

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