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Lagoon 2010

Swan BoatsSituated in the center of the Civic Tract is a shallow, man-made lagoon, also constructed in 1936. There is a fountain in its center, from which a spray of water is jettisoned.

Lagoon SculptureFor several years following World War II, miniature paddleboats took fairgoers for rides around the lagoon. These have since been replaced by self-propelled "Swan Boats."

In 1985 (see photo below) the lagoon was temporarily drained in order to construct a sea serpent-like "environmental sculpture garden" designed by artist Patricia Johannsen. It was funded by the Meadows Foundation. It is uncertain whether everyone is enamoured of this somewhat new addition but children seem to enjoy scrambling all over it.

Drained Lagoon 1985During the early part of this century, the lagoon was also the backdrop for the Marta Pan floating sculpture, two large red orbs that circled and floated, apparently according to the winds and currents, but these have mysteriously disappeared.

The lagoon houses a variety of aquatic life including cat-tails, lily pads and turtles. Ducks were resident here for decades but for some unknown reason are no longer present.

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