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Fair Park History

The Early Years
The Early Years

A New City Park
A New City Park

The Exposition Years
The Exposition Years

The Post-Centennial Years
Post-Exposition Era

Restoration and Renewal
Restoration & Renewal

The Exposition Years (1936-1937)

February 12, 1936

Old Main Gatehouse (built 1904), torn down.

June 1, 1936

Museum of Fine Arts in new civic tract formally dedicated.

June 6, 1936

Opening day of the Texas Centennial Exposition.

June 12, 1936

President Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses a national radio audience from the Cotton Bowl.

July 1936

Buffalo Bill statue controversy erupts.

July 18, 1936

Co-joined twin Violet Hilton married in Cotton Bowl ceremony.

September 6, 1936

Texas Hall of State dedicated and opened to public for first time.

September 13, 1936

Motion picture “The Big Show,” starring Gene Autry, begins filming at Centennial Exposition; finishes in two weeks.

September 19, 1936

Gene Autry participates in Cavalcade of Texas as part of filming for “The Big Show.”

September 28, 1936

FBI director J. Edgar Hoover visits Centennial Exposition.

October 12, 1936

Prospero Bernardi bust dedicated on “Italian Day.”

November 29, 1936

Last day of Centennial Exposition.

June 12, 1937

Famed physicist Albert Einstein pushes a button in his New Jersey home, turning on lights for opening day of the Greater Texas and Pan American Exposition held at Fair Park.

October 31, 1937

Last day of the Greater Texas and Pan American Exposition.

(This timeline consists of selected dates only, which were derived from a variety of sources.)

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