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White Rock Dance Pavilion

Despite outspoken opposition by the Dallas Morning News to its construction, another lakeside attraction of the 1930s was a dance pavilion that stood near the White Rock bathing beach. Featuring a "huge concrete slab" that could accommodate large crowds, the pavilion was built at a cost of $5,444. It proved so popular that the structure very nearly paid for itself during its first summer of operation, when proceeds from the modest admission charge totaled over $4,000.

During the summer of 1934 dances were held every night but Sunday, with live music provided by Babe Lowry's "Rhythm Sweethearts," an all-female orchestra that included Lowry, harpist and vocalist Nell O'Connell, saxophonist Alice Fronk Wood, trumpeter Angie Coppedge, and xylophonist Corrine Osborne. On Sunday afternoons, from 4 to 6 p.m., the "Sweethearts" entertained beachgoers with a medley of concert tunes and on special occasions, such as the Fourth of July, they performed well into the night.

Despite its popularity, the pavilion appears to have had a short-existence. No mention of it can be found in newspapers after 1934 and it is missing from maps of the park that were drawn in the mid-to-late 1930s. What became of the structure is uncertain.


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