Scenic White Rock Lake Park

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The Look of the Lake


View a colorful collection of contemporary digital photos by Steven Butler; includes landscapes, lakescapes, birds, animals, insects, sailboats, and people enjoying the park.

White Rock Dam, 1911

Take a look at my dam picture! A rare panoramic photo of the White Rock dam just after completion in 1911, by turn-of-the-century Dallas photographer Henry Clogenson, courtesy Eliot Greene (son of the late A.C. Greene).

CCC Lookies Album

Courtesy of former CCC enrollee Jim Payne and his daughter, Lois Paylor, a Civilian Conservation Corps "Lookies" Album! Come see what White Rock's "Boys n Green" looked like during the 1930s and 1940s, when they were busy improving our park.

UNT's Portal to Texas History, in partnership with the Dallas Municipal Archives, Dallas Water Utilities, and the Dallas Park and Recreation Department, hosts a small collection of historical photos of White Rock Lake online.

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